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December 15, 2008


Dan Feigelson

Wow. CAFC says an enantiomeric salt is both novel and non-obvious over Sanofi's over earlier disclosure of the racemate that included statements that the claims includes the salts in enantiomeric form. And it appears the district court's injunction is still in place. Nice to see that, even in the wake of KSR, eBay and the rest, a pharma patent can still be worth something. I especially like how this panel distinguished over KSR, noting that KSR dealt with a mechanical device in which the combination of familiar elements led to a predictable result, whereas here the separation of enantiomers led to an unpredicatable result.

And Irving Kayton will be able to point to this case in support of his "don't identify any embodiments as 'preferred'" approach.

Micheline AYOUB


The link to the opinion on the decision takes to the decision itself!

Thank you

Micheline Ayoub

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